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VUITTON News World of Louis Vuitton World of LV WOMEN WOMEN MEN MEN Stores christian louboutin UK Can we help you. VUITTON START THE JOURNEY START THE JOURNEY CALL US +1. Please come back within 10 minutes. Our advisors are currently not available. INTERACT WITH US We are at your service on Twitter TWEET @LVSERVICES FACEBOOK INBOX Our advisors are here to help you. Shortcuts: WP:IPAE WP:IPAEN Throughout Wikipedia, the pronunciation of words is indicated by means of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

The following tables list the IPA symbols used for English words and christian louboutin outlet pronunciations. If the IPA symbols are not displayed properly by your browser, see the links below. Footnotes explain some of these mergers. (See also #Dialect variation below. ər truer juː cued, cute, mule, tune, queue, you jʊər cure juː. ər fewer ʌ STRUT, mud, dull, gun ʌr borough, hurry ɜr NURSE, word, girl, fern, furry Reduced vowels ə Rosa's, a . Words in SMALL CAPITALS are the standard lexical sets. The difference between the vowels of "pain" and "pane" found in some English, Welsh, and Newfoundland dialects. The vowels of bad and had, distinguished in many parts of Australia and the Eastern United States. The vowels of spider and spied her, distinguished in some replica christian louboutin parts of Scotland and North America. Other words may have different vowels depending on the speaker. For more extensive information on dialect variations, you may wish to see the IPA chart for English dialects.

Other transcriptions If you feel it is necessary to add a pronunciation respelling using another red bottom shoes convention, then please use the conventions of Wikipedia's pronunciation respelling key. See also If your browser does not display IPA symbols, you probably need to install a font that includes the IPA. Good free IPA fonts include Gentium and Charis SIL (more complete). a monospaced font is Everson Mono which is complete. download links can be found on those pages. For a guide to adding pronunciations to Wikipedia articles, see the {{IPA}} template. Wikipedia:Pronunciation respelling key Notes ^ If the two characters 〈ɡ〉 and 〈〉 do not match and if the first looks like a 〈γ〉, then you have an issue with your default font. ^cheap christian louboutin The IPA value of the letter 〈j〉 is counter intuitive to many English speakers. However, it does occur with this sound in a few English words: Besides hallelujah, there's Jägermeister and jarlsberg cheese. For more information on this sound, see voiceless labio velar approximant. These should be fixed to correspond with the chart here. ^ Many speakers, for example in most of Canada and much of the United States, have a different vowel in price and ride.